Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology Development Center Co., Ltd

Corporate Culture

Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology Development Center Co., Ltd. Corporate Culture

Corporate culture

People are our most valuable asset. HWTT is devoted to provide professional and challenging work for employees. A sense of belonging is cultivated by offering employee characterized training ,competitive salaries and benefits.

Professional training

Training mechanism is a significant part of HWTT culture. On the training content, HWTT provides orientation training, department training and industry training,etc; on the training mode, HWTT has mixed job training, class style training, online training ,outward bound and so on. Whatever the training is, HWTT aims to make its staff quickly part of it and accessed to career advancement.


Work is only one part of life。 HWTT employees enjoy a variety of cultural and recreational activities in their spare time, such as hiking, sports, basketball leagues, outward bound and so on。 By these activities, HWTT aims to brisk employees’ amateur life, enhance physical fitness, promote corporate culture and cohesion。

In the eyes of HWTT, employees are wealth and their children are treasures.HWTT lets employee’s children understand their parents’ work better by holding summer camps, which successfully enhances employees’ sense of identity and participation.

Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology Development Center Co., Ltd. Corporate Culture

Public welfare

Our mission is developing water technology and benefiting the whole society. Saving water concept is continued to spread and affect people around in a subtle but meaningful manner to achieve sustainable development of the society.

“Water and Life” Science Popularization Activities at Dongcheng Middle School Affiliated to Hangzhou Normal University.

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