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Center’s Xidoumen Company Attending Exhibition of International Water Resource Week in Singapore

According to the People’s Daily news from Singapore on June 15, 2014, the International Water Resource Week in Singapore for five days concluded recently。 In the meantime, Singapore Utilities Board and International Water Association jointly sponsored the exhibition meeting, which attracted 800-odd enterprises of water treatment technology。 In the exhibition, the exhibition hosts told the newspaper’s reporters that there were 60-odd Chinese enterprises participated in the exhibition, specially showing the great trend that Chinese enterprises actively exploit water markets in the Southeast Asia。 The display panels with excellent pictures and essays both, enterprises’ propaganda films on flat-panel TV and various novel displaying ways attracted many visitors staying in China pavilion。 Chinese enterprises going overseas have been good at displaying their rich and colorful styles on the international stage more and more。 The main businesses of Hangzhou Xidoumen Membrane Industrial Co。, Ltd。 are seawater desalination and industrial water treatment。 Mr。 Du Huan, the company’s sale manager, told the reporter, “the exhibition gives us chance to directly face the customers; we can learn the experience of attending exhibition and popularization from international advanced enterprises”。 He said: “in comparison with European and American enterprises, our superiority lies in quicker goods delivery ”。 In addition, the company provides customers with overall operational training to ensure customers to skillfully operate the equipment purchased by them。 While Chinese water treatment enterprises have already expanded into South-east Asia, Singapore local water treatment companies are also actively opening up Chinese markets。 One of the largest companies of Singapore water treatment technology----United Environmental   Technology Company owns advanced water-separating sewage treatment technology。 “ Singapore and China both have complementary advantages mutually in many respects of technology and markets, and learn each other in cooperation。 It is advantageous to both countries’ economic development”。 Mr。 Lian Qing, the company’s business development manager, told the reporter: “ our sale incomes in China have far exceeded local sale incomes in Singapore; now the company focuses on the markets in China, especially on industrial water markets in China。 ASEAN’s markets of water treatment are overall in the rearing stage and have huge increasing potentiality。 ” It is understood that Singapore has abundant experience and techniques in respect of water resource treatment。 China and Singapore have had many bilateral cooperation projects in the field of water resource treatment, such as Tianjin seawater desalination project etc。, in which both countries’ superiorities have been fully utilized to form mutual supplementation, laying the foundation for further raising water resource management abilities of both countries。

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