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Its subject is: Seawater Desalination, Commitment to the Future.

Recently, the Center won a good news again。 In fierce competition in market, the Center finally achieved the bid winning notice of corollary seawater desalination project for Shandong Provincial Rongcheng Shidaowan Nuclear Power Station。 This is another stylized project of nuclear power seawater desalination followed by Hongyanhe Nuclear Power, Shandong Haiyang Nuclear Power and Liaoning Xudabao Nuclear。 Presently, the Center’s domestic market occupying rate of seawater desalination has reached to over 70%; its abilities to form set of engineering and manage project are far ahead of domestic other enterprises, and reached to a leading level in the world。

GH Shandong Shidaowan Nuclear Power Station is the first nuclear power station which owns the self-owning intellectual property right in China。 The project under construction is the nuclear WTGS of  1×200MW high temperature gas cooled reactor (double reactors with a machine), in it, including two units of CAP 1400 large scale advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants。 CAP 1400 is the nuclear power model of advanced large scale passive pressurized water reactor possessing self-owning intellectual property right with greater power developed by the State Nuclear Power on the basis of AP 1000 three-generation nuclear power of introduction, digestion and absorption, integrating the design, construction and operational experience of our country’s nuclear power technologies。 The fresh water from the sea by the corollary construction in the same term is mainly used for ensuring the cooling water, domestic water and industrial water of Shidaowan Nuclear Power Station。   

At present, the project has entered into design stage。” We will make the project management system and abundant experience of corollary engineering which are applicable for strict standards to be applied without reservation for the project ” said the project manager。 “ the Center will closely cooperate with the general contract party Shandong Power Engineering Consultation Institute Co。, Ltd。, the design party GH Power Planning, Design and Research Institute and the owner Shandong Shidaowan Nuclear Power Plant to ensure the project’s smooth implementation ”。  By means of successful and stably operational corollary engineering experience of Hongheyan Nuclear Power Station, and the smooth implementation of Haiyang Nuclesr Power and Xudabao Nuclear Power Projects, the Center’s forming engineering set level can fully meet the strict quality standards of nuclear power。 In the competition with the famous water treatment companies at home and abroad, the Center stood head and shoulder above the rest with its advanced techniques, optimal technological processes, perfect project management system and quality management system, displaying the Center’s project managerial level attaining the requirements of international standardization。

As a sci-tech type enterprise which developed membrane technology the earliest and the strongest membrane technical forces domestically, in recent years, the Center has displayed extraordinary strength on the competitive market platform at home and abroad, and won praise from various aspects。 With business scale rising and operational quality improving unremittingly, adhering to the mission of “developing water technology for benefit of the whole society ” , the Center will do everything in its power to promote the construction of seawater desalination industries base at state-level, and make arduous efforts for final turning into international famous water treatment company by membrane processes。  

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